To make an FS Pro venue.

This Is Official Venue creation file created by J.C.Spooner.

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All venues created for the Pro version must have a maximum of 4oz of fish instead of the 5oz 4dr, and also must have at least 12 objects in each peg ( Weed, drop off, Gravel etc). This is needed for the Pro version to run properly. It was also decided in the first committee meeting that a maximum difference when the results of the venscan program was looked at should be 75 this would help to make sure that all venues could be passed of quite quickly, and without having to sit and fish them for hours.

  The process of creating a pro venue is pretty much the same as the creating default venues, with  the only difference being that the .ven file isn't put in the VENUES folder, but instead the PRO folder in FS2. Complications start to arise when a pro venue is created from an existing default venue, or when a venue is created from scratch for both the default and pro versions. The River lot peg 2 venue has been created for the pro version as it is required by Fishsim in order to run. The files for this venue can be seen as they are unscrambled and used as a guide or template to creating pro version venues. The details below, explain the files and differences from the original.


    Lot.ven file ( in the PRO folder in FS2 ) - important changes in green

NAME = River Lot
DIR = venues/lot/*.ppg
LASTPEG = venues/lot/lastp.dat

CREATOR = Teresa Morris
DATE = 24 September 2000
RECORDS = venues/lot/
Level = 1.0
DESC = venues/lot/fsb/page1.fsb
REGCODE = 786868
Timeinc = 5.0
VenBaitMul = 5.0
Pegbaitdif = 1
Baitpopcond = 1
Shoalspook = 150
MaxBait = 150

Weather = data/uk2.dat
Lookup = venues/lot/tempsp.dat
TempModel = 1
Tempfact = 1
Starttemp = 14
Tempupdatemins = 1


Firstly, as I don't want the pro version of the River Lot loading up the same peg files as the default version of the venue, i've changed the DIR line to tell it to search for peg definition files in the venues/lot folder with a .ppg extension, instead of the normal .peg extension. As with the default version of venues, anyone is free to use whatever three letter extension they see fit, however, it is customary to use .peg for default venues, and hopefully the same defacto standard will be followed with pro version pegs and the .ppg extension. The LASTPEG value is also different from the default venue. In short, this value just tells fishsim to create a file called ( in this case )lastp.dat in the venues/lot folder, it will create and use this file to  remember the peg to go to when the user selects the venue, which  will always be the last peg the user fished, making it more user friendly. The reason i've changed it here, and added a 'p' to the end is to avoid a potential problem to fishsim, if I decide to have more or less pegs in the pro or default versions. Eg, imagine, the pro version just implements the River Lot pegs 2 and 3, but the default version  has pegs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. If a user fishes the default version peg 4, then decides next time to fish the pro version, peg 4 doesn't exist, giving FS a problem as it will try to load up peg 4, as this will be the  last peg it thought was fished. By having two different files, last.dat  to store the last peg in default mode, and lastp.dat to store the last peg fishing in pro mode, this situation will never occur.As with the LASTPEG line above, a similar situation can occur with the temperature look up file, indicated in the LOOKUP line in the [Weather] section. You may decide the default venue uses a different weather file or has a different temperature model than the pro version, so two files again will be required in this case.There are other lines in this new lot ven file also that are different from the original, but this is to remain compatible with the guidelines of being a pro venue, eg timeinc, shoalspook etc, plus some more that i'd prefer to have now they are available.

      Notes about pro version ven files

      If a pro version venue exists as a default venue as well, which will be   most  cases, the NAME and REF lines must be identical in both .ven files. If you don't do this you could find that FSUtils ( for offline matches ) and FSServ.exe ( for online matches ) will have problems with the venue.



Peg2.ppg file( in the VENUES/LOT folder in FS2 ) - important changes in Green.


NAME = Peg two
REF = 4
DATE = 24 December 2000
DESC = venues/lot/fsb/page3.fsb

IMAGE = venues/lot/images/peg2.jpg
DATA = venues/lot/data/peg2p.dat
RECORDS = venues/lot/stocks/peg2/
SOUNDS = inf/gensound.ini
FISH = venues/lot/stocks/peg2/peg2p.all
IncSTK = 0

Rotate = 0
XD = 90
YD = 0
Rtop = 250
ViewH = 196
ViewW = 240

PH = 7.00
O2 = 0.9
Turbid = 10
Saline = 0.00
Temp = 1.0
Col = R100 G080 B060

On = 1
Frames = 50
Yadd = 200
Xwave = 0
Damping = 100
Speed = 1
Divmodwave = 100
Yadddiv = 0.7
Reverse = 0

Only a couple of changes, besides the extension are required in the peg definition files as shown in Green above. The first one DATA is not required, but in most cases will need to be changed. The value here gives FS2 a file to store and read information that you add in the peg editor, depths, objects flow etc. To conform to the guidelines on pro versions, these will have to be re-done in a lot of cases, and hence a different file will be needed to store the new information.

The FISH line, is where the .all file is specified, again in most cases this will be different to the default version as it is unlikely the same stocking will be needed in the pro version, so a different .all file is needed.

On top of these two changes the NAME and REF lines must be identical values to the default version peg files, otherwise, like with the venue, offline and online matches could be affected on your venue.

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