Welcome to Simmersdad.net, a site dedicated to Fishsim 2, still the best fishing simulator, despite being released way back in the year 2000!
Written by Jason (Jase) Spooner, the simulator is now freeware.
However, there is an opportunity to donate if you wish.
The original selling price was £20 and it's the best money I ever spent on software so you may consider donating.

About Fishsim 2 and getting started.

In the early years, there were a number of upgrades to the program.
Jase no longer supports the program but people all over the world have never lost their enthusiasm and as a result, he has released a couple of small updates to ensure that it still functions with Windows 10.
You can download the program from fishsim.net but before doing so, please read my installation guide to ensure that things are set up correctly.

Fishsim 2 Official Site

This site aims to provide assistance to new users and experiences users too.
Everything you need to get started or to test your skills (and luck) is available either as part of the site or via the links. 

Why Simmers Dad?

Users of Fishsim 2 are often referred to as "Simmers" but that is not the reason I chose the name.
My surname is Sims and my son was called Simmer at school. -
I therefore became "Simmers Dad" - Simple!
I hope you enjoy using Fishsim 2 and look forwrd to meeting you via one of the Facebook groups or maybe fishing in a server. SD