Welcome to Simmersdad.net, a site dedicated to Fishsim 2, still the best fishing simulator, despite being released way back in the year 2000!
Written by Jason (Jase) Spooner, the simulator is now freeware.
However, there is an opportunity to donate if you wish.
The original selling price was £20 and it's the best money I ever spent on software so you may consider donating.

Links to other Fishsim 2 Sites.

Official FS2 Site
The official site for FS2, the place for records, versions, trophy matches and challenges.

Tuba Dave's FS2
Tube Dave runs an online FS2 league that takes place on Wednesday & Saturday.
The site also host the results of the Inittowinit league that is ryn by Cliff.
See the Running Servers page for the match IP Addresses.
Andy's FS2 Match Site
Click for Andy's FS2 Match Site.
These are offline matches that you have a week to complete.

Lot's of useful information here, including tips and addons.

Bel's Fishsim Pool
Another site with lots of useful information.

More sites will be added soon.