Welcome to Simmersdad.net, a site dedicated to Fishsim 2, still the best fishing simulator, despite being released way back in the year 2000!
Written by Jason (Jase) Spooner, the simulator is now freeware.
However, there is an opportunity to donate if you wish.
The original selling price was £20 and it's the best money I ever spent on software so you may consider donating.

About Fishsim 2 Pro

Welcome, or should I say welcome back to Fishsim 2 Pro.
The Pro mode is activated by an addon available from the downer but see below for details.
The club was first run by Glenn Hares so my thanks go to him for his previous dedication to the project and also for his permission to now include FS2 Pro as part of simmersdad.net.
If you are interested in creating Pro Venues, please see the Venue Validation page.

Fishsim 2 Official Site

Getting Started and match information.

There will be many "simmers"  that already have Pro installed and you are free to take part in matches or enter any Pro challenges without any further requirements.
However, all the Pro venues are now available from the SD Downer and these are in a separate password protected section.
The only reason for this is that we don't want users that have not activated the Pro option to download and install Pro venues only to find that it doesn't work!

For access to the Pro Section on the SD Downer and effectively become a member of the "FS Pro Club" please PM me via one of the Facebook groups or email me robin@simmersdad.net
Please quote your real name and intended "simmer" name in your communication.
There are about 120 Pro Venues available at the time of this relaunch. (June 2020)

Pro Matches & Challenges
There has been a Pro challenge running for sometime, this is still open to all and there may be another challenge added later.
Pro Matches and the official Pro Match Server will be run by Tuba Dave.
Dave has been a long time "Simmer" and already runs default matches.